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  • AHREF at is arguably the industry leading SEO backlink checker and competitor research tool – you whack in a domain name and get a huge number of insights about it, including a list of backlinks pointing to it, anchor text and more.
  • Google Search Console at to submit your site to Google, check it for any crawl errors and view backlinks to it. As soon as you register your website, Google Search Console will helpfully send you an email with a series of steps you should take to maximise its visibility in search. And, when it comes to SEO at least, when Google tells you to do something, the chances are you should
  • Backlink Watch at allows you to take a free look at the backlinks pointing to any domain.
  • Hubspot’s Website Grader at will tell you how well your site is functioning from an SEO and inbound marketing point of view and the steps you need to take to rectify any problems. It’s a good ‘sense-checking’ tool.
  • Google AdWord’s Keyword Planner at
  • SEOCentro at


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