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Responsive websites.

Responsive websites.

What is a responsive website?

It’s a site that looks good on a laptop, as well as on a tablet or a modest smartphone.

Around a quarter of all websites worldwide are now created on the WordPress platform. WordPress and its immense ecosystem of hosts, themes and plugins makes crafting fairly nifty websites almost a breeze.

One better still needs to know html, css, ssl, javascript, php, xml, sql, gzip, ftp and a host of other bells and whistles, but there is no need to be an expert in any one of them anymore.

And it helps to know a little about graphics, like vector, jpeg, svg, and rgb, etc. A picture speaks a thousand words, and infographics are seen everywhere.

Not to forget SEO. Search engine optimization is a necessary chore that makes a website rank higher in, let’s say, Google searches. A spectacular website is no good if not found and interacted with.

In addition, marketing on Google via AdWords and Facebook or Twitter are “must-dos” for many types of businesses.

Compared to the early days of what was then called the WWW, these advances in techniques makes crafting useful websites very affordable.

Fundraising supports a mission!


Senior couple discussing major gift with fundraiser.

Websites are great to promote commercial activities. Have a line of products or services to sell? Let us build that site for you.

However, when you are a mission-driven or established nonprofit organization, you will want to raise funds to sustain your efforts. Fundraising is the act of connecting causes with people. A website then must be one of the lead-ins to fundraising as it communicates values, cause, goals and needs, etc, and prompts people to engage with staff and leadership. Gifts will follow.

All better fundraisers know a little secret. That is, we understand that people give to people and not to organizations. Sure, don’t take that literal – you perhaps have made a donation to an organization. But have you given because you found a nonprofit with a nice website, or have you given because a person did ask you for a contribution?

At HobbyJoy, we understand fundraising and know how to implement the backoffice operations necessary to be successful in raising money. If fundraising is also a concern, please know that we can go the additional mile for you.

What might it cost you to get a responsive website up and running?

Wordpress infographic.

WordPress infographic.

A lot of hosting companies offer you templates to create a very basic site free of charge. That is really the cheapest route for you to go if you are a do-it-yourselfer! However, that approach has its limitations and might not be worth your time and money.

FREE often means ads from the hosting company in your site, limited bandwidth and storage, and a domain URL much like bigpizza.wix.com instead of bigpizza.com – not very nice. You will need to pay a premium to get rid of ads, use your own domain name, and get additional functionality above the very basics.

Obviously, there are also high-end design shops out there with the stand-by expertise to program a rather complex corporate site for you. Are you selling a lot of products, and perhaps in different countries? Want to compete with Amazon or BestBuy? A high-end design shop is perhaps what it takes for your project’s success.

But for anything in between – let’s say you are a small business owner or nonprofit organization – please consider our services.

We charge $60 per hour for regular design, graphics and marketing work, excluding programming in php or javascript. So, you could generally expect that a site with a few common, yet professional features will take some 10+ hours of work.

Plus there are the recurring fees for domain registration (~$15, annually) and domain hosting (~$5 to $25 and up, monthly, depending on traffic volume).

Most themes and plugins are free on WordPress, but a better theme and a couple essential plugins – let’s say for e-commerce, etc. – can be had for ~$35 each.

If you plan on selling something, there are obviously additionally recurring costs over time for processing credit card charges, etc.


Sony NEX F3, our mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.

A lot of pertinent photos can be found free of licensing fees in the cloud. However, let’s put another $40 for stock photos into that budget. If necessary, we come out to you and do photography as well (SF Bay Area).

Running ads via Google’s AdWords to generate traffic will also be a recurring fee – perhaps a handful of $ per day?

So, all in all, for a budget of well under $1,000 you could be in business in a couple of weeks with a responsive website that generates traffic and engagement.

We’d love to be the shop that crafts a site for you!

Please contact us for a conversation and customized quote!

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