Crafting Online Social Networks

Websites are still common, useful, and have become simpler to put together. However, with the rise of smartphones and their apps, old-fashioned websites do not cut it anymore as much as they used to. You probably still need one as a backup, but much of the user engagement game has moved on to apps on smartphones, etc.

Nevertheless, if you do need a website or just need to update a website with new features and/or content, I can help.

A few featured sites:

True Love Singles

Find your true companion on this international dating site.

International Educational Foundation of America

Publishing character education materials for educators.

Generation Peace Academy

Lead yourself before you lead others.

Tom Froehlich Consulting

Turning fundraising data into actionable information.

Love Quotes from God

Bite-sized messages of wisdom.

Talk to Christine

Get mentored by Christine and succeed in life.

East Bay Volunteers

Connecting volunteers with community service events.

STF / GPA Alumni Association

Connecting STF / GPA alumni for success in life.

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