This niche dating portal is a social network website designed to be mobile-first and with a public front and a private membership community (free and/or paid) on the backend. Users may:

  • log in to a member community;
  • select from multiple payment options;
  • set up a profile with privacy settings;
  • add photos to their gallery;
  • search for members in a directory;
  • make friends and cancel friendships;
  • post messages on activity walls;
  • privately message friends or groups;
  • discuss topics in a forum;
  • pay you for services and products.

How to monetize a Meetup dating page/group

So, you already have a Meetup, Facebook or Yahoo dating page/group(s) for singles. These frontends will generate the prospective members for your new boutique dating site, as in providing the customers for upselling.

So, this isn’t suppose to be a general self-help dating site for tens of thousands of anonymous users. You are not competing with OKCupid or eHarmony. Instead, this is your scalable, money-making corner shop to cater to real contacts from your local dating business and make that business grow. Unlike on Meetup, Yahoo or Facebook, here you are in control of content and sales!


As the executive of your own niche dating site, you offer subscriptions for membership in the boutique community, charge for premium services like personal coaching and introductions, products like workshops and courses, display affiliate links and ads, and offer bonuses, etc.

Get a custom-made dating site with Google web stories today and start making money

Could your business or your organization benefit from a responsive, mobile-first website with build-in social network features? This turnkey solution works on a self-hosted WordPress installation and is suitable for, let’s say, dating coaches with small to medium groups of as little as 5 and up to perhaps 1000 members.


It isn’t hard to find a good front-end web designer. But few developers can bring the experience of having crafted viable dating sites to the table. HobbyJoy is a professional, yet inexpensive design and development shop, comes with a “can do” attitude, and specializes in crafting custom dating sites for dating coaches and relationship experts, etc.

Please contact me at your convenience for more info and a free estimate!

Tom gave me a lot of his time and expertise and made my job soo much easier. Thanks! Website looks great and my clients are happy.
Tasnah, Ohio
I did not know how to improve my dating business. Tom upgraded my website, and I am doing rather well now.
Marcus, California
Did not have enough time to do it all myself. So, got some help from Tom and now can focus on what I do best.
Roland, Colorado